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6 Boatyard Services Offered By Your Marina

If you own a boat, you don't have to take care of it all on your own. Many marinas have business that offer what are called boatyard services. Boatyard services are designed to help you take proper care of your boat. They offer services such as cleaning and painting the bottom of your boat, fixing the propeller, fiberglass repairs, woodwork services, and interior touc

Travel Safe: Three Safety Tips For Charter Bus Travelers

Traveling the country by charter bus can be a great way to save money over airfare, and it also gives you a wonderful opportunity to see more of the country. As with any other type of travel, it's important to keep your personal safety in mind as you head out on your next trip. Here are some personal safety tips you can use when traveling by bus. Set An Alarm

Common Queries And Complaints From Vacation Tenants

Do you own a vacation rental, or want to get into a luxurious form of real estate and the tourist economy? Vacation rental management is a strong investment, but it's not without its headaches. To get ahead of the curve, it's a good idea to know what the average renter thinks about, how the worst renters react, and what the best renters might not be saying. Here are a

Two Reasons Why You Should Take An International Vacation

Going on vacation is truly a wonderful thing. A relaxing getaway gives you the opportunity to escape some of the pressures that can build up when you're juggling a busy career. Even before you embark on your adventure, part of the fun is planning everything out. Going to another state is nice, but if you've always gone on domestic vacations it's time to take things up

Reasons To Send Your Child To Religious Summer Camp

With so many different summer camp options to consider when you have children, it can initially seem a little daunting to find a camp that will suit them. One option that you may wish to consider is religious camp. Often offered through your own church, this type of summer camp can take several different formats, but it's often a daylong summer camp that lasts for a w