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Travel Safe: Three Safety Tips For Charter Bus Travelers

Traveling the country by charter bus can be a great way to save money over airfare, and it also gives you a wonderful opportunity to see more of the country. As with any other type of travel, it's important to keep your personal safety in mind as you head out on your next trip. Here are some personal safety tips you can use when traveling by bus.

Set An Alarm

Charter buses typically make scheduled stops at rest areas, bus stations, and truck stops. If you plan to sleep on the bus, be sure to set an alarm on your phone that will go off a few minutes before each scheduled stop. Getting off the bus gives you a chance to stretch and walk around, which can help you to feel more comfortable on long trips. You'll also get the opportunity to wash up, use the restroom, and even buy a few snacks.

Know The Neighborhoods

Take some time to map out the route your charter bus will take before you start your trip. If you notice that the bus will be stopping in areas that are known for high crime rates, you'll want to exercise extra caution both on board the bus and at rest areas. You may feel more comfortable staying on board the bus in some locations, or you may want to make friends with the people sitting in your row. Making a few bus buddies gives you the chance to walk around rest areas in groups, which can help you to feel safe as you travel through unfamiliar areas.

Keep Valuables With You Or At Home

It's a good idea to travel light and keep valuable items at home. Precious heirlooms, expensive jewelry, and other valuables can be targets for theft, and they can also get lost on the bus or at a scheduled stop. If you do bring any of these items, keep them secured in a small carry-on bag, and make sure that the bag stays with you at all times. Don't leave a carry-on filled with your tablet, smartphone, and headphones on board the bus when you exit to use the restroom. If you will be checking a bag for storage in the bus' luggage compartment, follow the same rules as you would with airline travel. Don't pack prescriptions or personal items in a checked bag.

Traveling by charter bus can be a safe, affordable way to get to your final destination. Use these tips to help ensure your personal safety as well as the security of your personal items.