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Lesser Known Colorado Springs Adventures

If you're visiting the Colorado Springs area this summer, you're visiting one of the most iconic and exciting areas of Colorado. Although you could visit popular destinations like Garden Gods, Pikes Peak, and the Olympic Training Center, you might find lesser-known adventures less crowded and more memorable.

Here are some alternative Colorado Springs adventure ideas to take you off the beaten for exciting vacation excursions.

Red Rocks Open Space 

Although the Garden of the Gods ranks among the most visited locations in Colorado Springs, summer crowds can make the park feel more like a crowded amusement park than a tranquil, natural, space.

Located across Highway 17 from Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Open Space is a favorite of local hikers, runners, bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Red Rocks Open Space includes miles of trails and rock formations found at the Garden of the Gods. When planning a trip to Red Rocks Open Space, be sure to get to the park early, as parking spots are limited. Bathroom facilities consist of portable restrooms, so you may want to take care of your bathroom business before hitting the trails.

Rampart Reservoir

Pikes Peak's sweeping views of the Colorado Springs area make it one of the most popular vacation destinations in Colorado. If you're looking for similar stunning vistas, in a less crowded spot, Rampart Reservoir might be just what you're looking for.

Nestled above Woodland Park across the Manitou Valley from Pikes Peak, Rampart Reservoir offers just about something for every outdoor enthusiast. From hiking and biking to fishing and bird watching, Rampart Reservoir is a free spot to enjoy some Rocky Mountain excitement. When you visit Rampart Reservoir, be sure to pack plenty of water and screenshots of GPS trail maps as cellular services can be notoriously spotty near the lake.

Colorado Art

Colorado Springs is home to some of the Rocky Mountain's most diverse art galleries, theaters, and museums.

Indulge in cultural experiences at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Immerse yourself in the world of art, theater, and music as you explore the galleries and exhibitions showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions. Catch a live performance or participate in a workshop to unleash your own creativity.

America the Beautiful Park, located in downtown Colorado Springs includes several statues and an interactive water feature that's perfect for smaller children to enjoy on a hot summer's day.

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