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Seven Important Considerations When You're Preparing For Grad Bash And Choosing A Package

Attending a grad bash is one of the best ways to fully celebrate your child's high school graduation. However, there are numerous considerations that need to be taken into account to create this event and select the right grad bash package.

The following are seven important considerations to address when you're choosing a grad bash package and preparing for your trip


One of the first things you'll need to decide is what date you'll be attending the grad bash. There are generally several options for attending this event throughout the months of May and June.

In general, you'll probably want to choose the date that coincides best with the date of your child's actual graduation ceremony. However, you might also have other summer commitments you want to work around such as vacations or employment. 


Transportation is an important detail to work out in advance. Your grad bash package may need to include transportation to the destination itself if you're located in a town or state that's some distance from the event.

Once you're local, you'll also need transportation for your group to the venue itself. You may be able to find a package that includes local transportation such as a shuttle for your group.


You may want to have a chaperon to accompany your child and their friends to the event if you decide to not go with them. If this is the case, you may be able to take advantage of special package deals for chaperons who will be in charge of the group. 


Grad bash is typically an overnight event. Those who attend will therefore want to get all the toiletries they need together in their luggage. Everyone from your school who will be coming along for grad bash should make a list of all toiletries they need to make the experience comfortable and healthy.


Food is an important detail you'll need to decide upon when choosing a package. You should make sure that your grad bash package includes a meal voucher so that you and everyone else attending with you will be able to eat on-site during the event. 

Prescription medications

It's important to consider any prescription medications you'll need to pack along for the event.

Due to security measures at the event, you'll be expected to keep prescription medications in their original prescription container. This container will need to be marked with the name of the graduate taking the medication, and all documentation of the prescription should be brought along.


It's important to dress for any possible weather you might encounter. You should pack clothing for warm weather, but also consider the possibility that you might encounter rain at some point during your grad bash trip.