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What To Expect When You Book A Private Snorkel Cruise

Snorkel cruises are becoming increasingly popular at vacation sites on the ocean front. You can join a larger group for your cruise and snorkeling adventure, or you can book a private snorkel cruise. But what can you expect when you book and embark on a snorkel cruise? Here are the basics you need to know to prepare.

Expect all necessary equipment to be provided.

People often wonder what to pack for their snorkel cruise. But actually, you do not need to bring much at all. You should wear your swimwear — maybe under a cover-up or shorts — and wear sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. As far as snorkeling gear, though, that will all be provided for you. If you have your own snorkel or goggles, feel free to bring it, but don't go out and purchase this gear for your cruise.

Expect to get some basic snorkel instruction.

If you're worried that you don't know how to snorkel, you can set that worry aside. Snorkel cruises typically include some instruction so that by the time you stick your head underwater, you know exactly what to do. On a private cruise, of course, you will have lots of opportunities to ask questions and get additional guidance if you need it. 

Expect to visit densely populated waters where you can see a lot, fast.

Snorkel cruise companies carefully pick the areas where they bring their guests to snorkel. They usually choose reefs and beaches where there are a lot of plants and fish in one spot. On a private cruise, you may visit smaller groves and areas that would not fit larger groups, but that are perfect for exploring with your partner or a few friends. In other words, don't expect to visit big, public beaches on a private snorkel cruise; this is an opportunity to see really amazing spots off the beaten path.

Expect the cruise to be part of the experience.

Remember that the cruise is not just a ride to the spot where you'll snorkel. It is a part of the experience! Your guide may take you past some landmarks in the area, and they may serve you appetizers or maybe even some champagne. If your private cruise is 3 hours, expect 3 hours of fun.

Private snorkel cruises are a lovely way to learn how to snorkel with lots of attention from your instructor, and they're a good way to see some more secluded groves and waters.

To learn more, contact a private snorkel cruise service today.