Touring New Cities

Fun Things To Do When Visiting A Small Town

Many people prefer traveling to big cities, but visiting small towns can be really enjoyable in its own way. There may not be big museums or high-end restaurants to visit in a small town, but there are plenty of things to do, and often at a low cost. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Go consignment shopping.

Many small towns have consignment shops where you can find great deals on gently used, secondhand items. Visiting a consignment shop in a different town from your own will expose you to different styles and items. It can also be a good way to get an idea of the town's personality. In some towns, you will see more country-style items, and other towns will have more modern items in the consignment shop.

2. Eat at the local diner.

While you won't usually find a five-star restaurant in a small town, you will often find some pretty spectacular diners. Stop by and enjoy a good, old-fashioned breakfast of eggs, hash browns, pancakes, and other favorites, or stop by for lunch and order a diner burger.

3. Visit a park.

Look around for small parks. Many towns have them. You may find one with a playground where the kids can entertain themselves for an hour or two. Other towns have parks with tennis courts, baseball diamonds, or soccer fields. Even if you don't play yourself, you might enjoy watching a game. You can even buy some picnic foods and enjoy a meal while sitting on the lawn at a local park.

4. Go hiking.

Many small towns are located near rural areas, and if you venture just to the edge of town, there are some nice places to hike. Ask around as you're visiting shops and restaurants; the locals can tell you where the nicest hiking trails are.

5. Look for community fairs and events.

See if there are any community fairs or local events going on when you're in town. Many towns have food festivals, garden festivals, art festivals, and various other events that are free to attend and great ways to entertain yourself for a day.

Small towns have a unique charm and can be great places to visit on vacation. You can spend a few days just visiting shops, eating at local diners, walking through parks, and hiking along trails. Every town is different, so you'll have to see what you find. For more ideas for things to do in small towns, contact a local travel agency.