Touring New Cities

Hit The Road This Summer On Your Summer Family Vacation

The summer is almost here and with it many families are getting ready for a vacation. Because most of the country is under a shelter in place order due to the COVID pandemic, many families are stuck at home and are looking for a vacation that will allow them to get outdoors and enjoy the summertime. So, while we are still in spring, now is a great time to plan for your upcoming trip. Here are some places to consider.

Go Camping

A classic family vacation that involves getting you outside and into nature is camping. This is popular with all types of people, and there are camping vacation spots that cater to all sorts of families, including those who have no experience camping.

When you are researching your different camping options, you should decide on what style of camping you will want to take your family on. There are basic camping sites that provide nothing but land in the woods, which would be well suited to families who are experienced campers. There are also camping sites that provide more amenities such as showers and toilets which would be more appropriate for novice campers.

Take A Sightseeing Road Trip

Another awesome idea for a family vacation is to set up a sightseeing road trip. These are great for families who want to spend some time together and see some fun things around the country. You can set up a road trip that stops at museums, theme parks, or even landmarks along way. The great thing about a sightseeing trip is that you can create as long or as short a trip as you like.

A fun idea would be to have a big landmark or sightseeing item as a destination point. That way, you can stop off along the way and see small sights and then have the big museum, theme park, or other attraction at the end as something to look forward to.

Visit A Theme Park

If your family likes amusement parks and also loves country music, then you should consider visiting Dolly Parton theme park. This is an awesome tourist destination for families as there are  plenty of rides and attractions for the entire family. There are also lots of live concerts that you can attend. It's a great way to spend a family vacation.

You can fly in, or if you prefer to drive, there are many scenic routes that will take you through the beautiful Smokey mountains. The Dolly Parton theme park is huge, so it's a place you can spend several days enjoying.

To learn more about having a fun family outing, contact a Dolly parton family theme park.