Touring New Cities

A Railway Trip That Encompasses Regions From Coast To Coast

Imagine touring the eastern and western coast of the United States and being able to view the scenery from a window that is next to your couch recliner or bed. After embarking upon a rail tour, you can visit restaurants, wineries, and eclectic shops, all followed by a comfortable night's stay in a first-class hotel. These opportunities and more are what you will receive with a railway vacation package.

Stopping Frequently Will Let You Truly Experience Each Destination

When people decide to travel long distances, they often choose an airplane or personal vehicle as their mode of transportation. An airplane eliminates long hours on the road, but you also don't have the opportunity to view locations that are en route to your final destination. If you decide to drive the length of a trip, it may not be too appealing to visit venues along the way if you are tired or if you have been wearing the same rumpled clothing for many hours.

A railway excursion allows you the best of both worlds. You will safely be transported and will have plenty of time to rest in between destinations. Because you will feel fresh upon your arrival to each destination town or city, you will be ready to explore the area in entirety.

Upgrades Are Optional

A standard railway vacation package will include your transportation, meals on the train, and a couch or seat that contains a reclining feature. If you and your spouse are traveling together or if you are going to be bringing your children along on the adventure, you may be wary about standard seating and the lack of privacy that you will receive. Each railway package can be customized if you would like to enjoy some extra amenities.

Ask about a separate sitting area or private sleeping quarters, which will provide each family member with their own personal space to rest. At each destination, refer to your itinerary. Many stops will include staying overnight and your hotel accommodations will be prepared, prior to arriving. There will be plenty of group activities offered to you, and you will learn about the history of each region that you are visiting.

You can also go your own way and explore each region on your own. As long as you check into your hotel and meet with your group leader the following morning, you will have ample time to find your seat on the train and get ready for the next leg of the trip. Find railway vacation packages today.