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A Few Things To Bring (Or Leave Behind) On Your Wine Tour

Are you headed out for your first wine tour? You're in a for a real treat, both in terms of taste and in beautiful surroundings. And knowing what to bring and what to leave behind will help you have the best day imaginable while touring amazing wineries and hanging out with friends.

So, what should you bring or not bring? Here are a few do's and don'ts.

DO Carry a Nice Jacket. Today's wineries are usually not overly formal places, so pretty much any 'smart casual' attire is perfectly appropriate for your tour. However, you do well to bring along a nice-looking, light jacket. For gentlemen, a light sport jacket will help them feel a little more dressed up if they attend an evening event or find themselves in a more formal winery setting. For the ladies, it's a way to warm up a little when in cool winery sections or out on chilly evenings.

DON'T Bring Valuables. Even if you want to 'dress to impress', leave valuable items at home. This might include particularly valuable jewelry, watches, purses, and mobile gadgets. While wineries are very safe places, they can still get crowded and are open to the public. Also, you may get a little dirty, with all the spitting and the agriculture going on around you. So, don't bring anything that you'd be devastated to lose or get stained.

DO Choose Comfortable Shoes. Footwear can be a little tricky. You may end up doing a lot of walking on some tours, or you may end up spending much of your time sitting around enjoying the sun. You may be on hard floors the whole time, or you could find yourself in an area of uneven or dirty ground. Unless you're familiar with the wineries in question, opt for comfortable shoes. 

DON'T Dress Down. 'Wine country chic' is the general rule of thumb for attire when touring wineries. It just means that you opt for something a little smart — perhaps starting with business casual wear — that shows respect for the hard work of the wineries. But it's also a fun casual look that allows you to express yourself and enjoy your day. You have a lot of leeway for personal taste, but do avoid erring on the side of 'too casual'. Consider skipping things like sneakers, ripped jeans, and old t-shirts. 

DO Bring Your Sense of Adventure. Wine tours are all about trying new things. Let your guard down and order new varieties and flavors. Be open to suggestions and flexible about your interests. Work with wine stewards and wait staff, relying on their expertise. And go into it all with a sense of fun and adventure. 

If you follow these few do's and don'ts, you're sure to enjoy your big wine tour even more. It may, in fact, become your favorite activity and open up a whole new world to explore.  

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