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What To Know About Your First Helicopter Scenic Tour

Flying in a helicopter is an exciting and fantastic way to see the views of the region you are visiting. You can see majestic mountains and the vast ocean depending on where you are taking your flight. If you have never flown in a helicopter before you might wonder what it's like.

What should you know about your first helicopter scenic tour? Here is a rundown on what to expect.

What To Bring And What To Wear

When you take your first helicopter ride, you are going to want to capture the moment for the years to come. You will want to get pictures of the buildings, fields or mountains as you pass by them. In this respect, you should bring your camera with you. If you prefer to take your pictures with your phone, then make sure you bring that with you instead.

You shouldn't bring too much with you, like snacks or drinks, however. The inside of a helicopter isn't as large as the seating area you get on an airplane. There really isn't a lot of room for extras on board.

You should wear comfortable clothing, but you don't need to bundle up or wear specialized clothing. Most helicopters do have either heating or air conditioning to keep you comfortable. Helicopters don't fly to the heights of airplanes either, so the air temperature will be very similar to that on the ground.

Flight Safety

Flying in a helicopter is very safe. Pilots have hundreds if not thousands of hours of flight time and experience. A reputable helicopter scenic tour company will provide you with all relevant safety equipment should it be required. For example, if you are flying over the ocean or lakes, they will provide life jackets.

The pilots will also provide noise-canceling headphones. It can be noisy in the helicopter with the engine rotors not far above your head. These headphones can also be used to listen to the pilot point out special features and interesting things on the ground. You can also ask questions of your pilot at any time.


When flying in a helicopter, there typically isn't the type of turbulence that you can experience on an airplane. Helicopters are lighter than planes and more aerodynamic which means they can cut through the air, at lower altitudes, in many ways easier than a plane can.

There may be some lighter turbulence, however, but it is never as severe as you can experience in a plane. If the pilot deems that there is too much air turbulence by checking weather radar, they will not fly.

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