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Tips For How To Dress On Your First Zipline Adventure

When you get invited to visit a zipline center for the first time, such as Canopy Pura Aventura, you'll likely experience a combination of excitement and nerves. Flying through the air as you go from one point to another on the zipline can definitely be a thrill, as well as a way to push yourself to experience a new challenge. As you get emotionally geared up for the outing, make sure that you're getting physically prepared, too. This especially means that you need to choose the right attire to wear that will keep you comfortable and safe throughout the day. Here are some tips to follow.

Dress For Cooler Weather

As with any outdoor activity, you should keep an eye on the weather forecast when you're going ziplining. You obviously want to dress differently for a late fall outing than you would for one in the middle of the summer. Regardless of how you approach your attire based on the weather, it's a good rule of thumb to dress for slightly cooler weather than you're expecting. Because you travel quickly on the zipline, you can feel the breeze whipping through your clothing. It never hurts to dress a little more warmly so that you feel comfortable on your runs.

Don't Have Anything That Will Fall Or Snag

Assess what you're wearing before you leave and think about if you have anything that might fall off or snag on the zipline. For example, if your sunglasses fit loosely — perhaps sliding down your nose or even off your face when you bend forward — you'll want to leave them at home so that you don't lose them on a zipline run. Similarly, dangling earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry is a bad choice. Try to also stay away from pants that have drawstrings and long belts that hang off your waist.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

You want to be sure that your clothing when you go ziplining is breathable. You'll likely be sweating — if not from the temperature, then from the physical nature of the activity or perhaps even from some nerves. You don't want to feel damp throughout the day, so fabrics that are breathable are essential for helping to keep your wet skin as dry as possible. Form-fitting athletic attire is often a good choice, and wearing layers will allow you to make adjustments for comfort. Some people prefer a tight base layer similar to what they might wear to the gym.