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Three Reasons To Hire A Charter Bus For Your Teen's Next Group Outing

Prom season is in full swing, but this doesn't mean that exciting teen outings will be coming to a close any time soon. An assortment of memorable events are just around the corner, including graduation parties and end-of-the-school year dances. Make sure that your teens have appropriate transportation by booking a charter bus for their next outing. Here are just a few reasons that booking a charter bus, such as from Werner Coach, is a smart decision.

1. You Know Your Kids Will Have a Responsible Driver

By booking a charter bus, you ensure that your teen has a responsible driver throughout the entire evening. Though driving while under the influence is a concern for some parents, many driving risks are caused by more common factors. Teens are notorious for constantly being on the go; if your teen has been busy in the days leading up to the event, sleep deprivation is a serious concern. Driving while sleep-deprived can be dangerous as those driving while impaired.

At most, your teen has only been driving for two or three years. Inexperience can lead to a plethora of driving mistakes, especially when traveling late at night or through an unfamiliar area. Hiring a charter bus ensures that an experienced driver is transporting your teens and their friends. 

2. Your Kids Can Focus on Enjoying Their Night

Another advantage of hiring a charter bus is that it helps your teens maximize their enjoyment of their special night. Your teens and their friends won't have to worry about driving safely or finding a parking spot. Instead, they can be in the moment and experience all of the immense emotion that comes with a night as memorable as prom or a graduation party. You can rest easy knowing that your kids can safely take all the selfies and videos they desire as they travel to their outing.

3. You Can Easily Keep Tabs on Your Teen

If your teen has a tendency to forget to answer calls or texts while out and about, hiring a charter bus lets you better keep track of your teen's whereabouts. If you want to know where the group is or where its next destination is, just give the bus driver a call. When it is safe, the charter bus driver will return your phone call and give you an update regarding the evening's itinerary. Should traffic or severe weather delay your teen's arrival home at the end of the night, the bus driver will see that you are kept informed.